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Products Wood Working industry Knives and Blades
Wood Working industry Knives and Blades
Apex supplies a wide range of Woodworking Knives & Saws to almost 85% of the woodworking industry of India. Apex offers a range of Tungsten Carbide D/D, Beam & Rip Saws, Spindle Moulder Cutter heads, Veneer Peeling & Slicing Knives, Veneer Jointer/Clipper Knives, Pressure Bars etc.
Key Benefits

  • Suitable for hard tropical woods & knotty coniferous woods
  • Good results with woods with high resins, knots and pencil logs.
  • Combination of Iron & Special Cladded Steel for greater economy and value for money
  • Dimensionally stable yet flexible.
  • Improved Veneer Quality & Size.
  • Longer life between regrinds and higher regrinders per knife.
  • Uniform edge wear
  • Superior Tungsten Carbide grade for better cutting performance and durability.
  • Suitable for Moulding, Furniture Industry, Laminates, Particleboards, Blockboards etc.
  • Tungsten Carbide Circular Saw Blades for D/D Machines, Scoring Saws, Rip Saw Machines, Beam Saw Machines etc.
  • HSS 6%, 18%, Tool Steel, Tungsten Carbide inlaid and solid Planer Blades for Table Planers, Double Sided Planers, Portable Planing Machines etc.
  • HSS M2/Tungsten Carbide Corrugated Back Knives
  • Panel Raising Tungsten Carbide Thin Reversible Knives and Disposable Inserts
  • Flakers, OSB Knives, Peeling Knives, Slicer Knives, Jointer Knives, Clipper Knives etc.
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